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Shilpa has a deep interest in Mahendi art. We further enhanced her skills by providing professional training. And now she is ready to take a leap - from learning to livelihood! She already has successfully fulfilled many mahendi orders.Reach us if you would like to avail her skills during an event, function or just to support her!


Pravin is extremely talented in painting. To harness his talent further, we are teaching him canvas painting to sharpen his painting skills. He already has sold some of his artwork to earn livelihood. Reach us if you would like buy any of his paintings.

Ashok, Govind and Jayesh


With our experiences at Shwas we have come to believe, It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep darkness at bay. Our heart filled with joy and tears rolled down our cheek, as we listened to our kids, Ashok, Govind and Jayesh. It seems they joined us just yesterday, bringing along with them their heart warming smiles, innocence and curiosity to learn things. Matter of fact being, they have been with us since 6 years,sincerely attending all the classes everyday, utilizing every bit of tuition and learning they have been offered with love.

During one of the circle -of-sharing-session they shared that after they go home, they regularly voluntarily teach 20 kids in their community. Also, they do prayers before they start their lessons, sit in silence for a while and share their issues in circle, exactly the way we begin our classes at Shwas. They dont stop here, they in fact organize painting competition for them and take pictures of them to show us at the center. This affirms our faith in the principle,the seeds we sow in our kids, will blossom beautifully wherever our kids will be.